Plinking at Blackbrook

Our current set up has three plinking ranges, one with full central heating all with 18 lanes situated side by side within a few meters of the car park.

The undercover range has good hard standing access and wooden floors so is suitable for all users and with a continuous built in bench set at the optimum height for seated shooting it creates a great environment to get the best out of your shooting system whether zeroing or plinking.

For those that prefer the full woodland experience we also have a 15 lane outdoor range.

We are currently extending the shelter to include another 6 lanes, with the last 3 having the ability to remove the bench system to allow for those wishing to use a seated or prone shooting position.

Each range is populated with a mixture of 80 plus targets including silhouettes, spinners, paper holders, bells and knock down galleries at ranges from 10 – 70 yards to ensure even the most committed shooters have plenty to test themselves.