Field Target at Blackbrook

We are a Midland Field Target Association affiliated club and are hosting one of the 2017/18 Winter league rounds.

We have two permanent 15-lane 30-target courses available, with a range of targets to suit all levels of shooter.

The woodland course takes advantage of the shelter offered by the trees, so there is never a great deal of wind, allowing the shooter to focus on their stance and range finding abilities. The targets here range from 12 to 55 yards with a variety of differing size kill zones.

image30.jpgThe field course is a bit more challenging, its location offers little shelter from the wind, perfect for top level practice and although there is a range of targets from 15 yards to 55 yards with a variety of differing size kill zones the bias is definitely more towards the longer more challenging targets, and if that wasn’t enough, to make it more challenging they are sited at many different angles across the prevailing winds.


We also have a complete set of silhouette’s, which are usually available all the time but are currently being relocated due to the expansion of the plinking ranges.


What is Field Target?

Field target is an outdoor air gun discipline originated by the National Air Rifle and Pistol Association in the United Kingdom in 1980.

Competitors aim to shoot the small “kill” zone that forms part of a larger metal target which may be between 10 yards (9 m) and 55 yards (50.3 m) from the firing line. Targets can be at a variety if heights but are often at about the same height as the shooter. The hit or “kill” zone of a target is always circular, and nominally 40mm in diameter, although some targets may have a smaller zone. 

The majority of shots may be taken in any stance, but the seated position is the most popular due to its stability and often the need to see over logs or long grass that would preclude prone shooting.